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worlds of adventure to explore

Campaigns are large, overarching narratives within which many adventures are possible. The term comes from a military campaign, like Napoleon's campaign in Egypt or America's campaign in the Pacific during WWII. A campaign is of an epic scope and involves the rising and falling of great dramatic narratives.

The Crew of Chaos

Adventure in a world of pirates and zombies, where ancient curses come to life and a vast jungle continent is fought over by natives and colonizers. Hunt pirates, explore the jungle, and race dinosaurs in a tropical paradise! In a land rich with gods and spirits, who do you draw your magic from, and what fine ship did you sail in on?

Mountainous Landscape

Fire in the Valley

Adventure in a world of rolling hills, in a valley long untroubled by darkness, where the life of the country folk are suddenly threatened by wild fire. Uncover a growing mystery, discover dwarven ruins, and become the heroes of this valley! In this land of ranches, caravan towns and wilderness, what is your connection to the earth, and what will you do for the people you care about?

Cursebreaker Keep

A group of villages have long been abandoned by their rulers and haunted by the wounds of a long dead king. In a world of dark fantasy inspired by the Russian and Czeck wilderness of the middle ages, you will exorcise spirits, negotiate with hostile peoples and uncover secrets hidden by the townsfolk. In this land of darkness, what light do you bring, and what haunts your dreams?


This setting contains HORROR. Turn back if this is not for you! The lords have long ago lost their minds. The lands have gone to waste. Despair moans in these woods.

Purple Skies


the stories within the campaigns

Adventures are the quests that make up a campaign. They are engagements with the challenges of the world and pit the heroes against adversaries and difficult situations. Adventures build on one another and two or three can be happening all at once. You can bet that by the end of them you will have grown stronger and acquired great rewards!

the crew of chaos

Cliffs and River

Priest up the River

Character Levels: 2-3

Sessions: 5

Description: A jungle camp is in dire need of medical supplies. A priest has taken up the call, but she can’t get there alone. She needs an escort through the perilous jungle and up the river Tatunga. Can you see her safely up the river and through the treacherous jungle??

Old railway station

A Guide for Hire

Character Levels: 2-3

Sessions: 4

Description: Tendei Redfang, a local jungle guide, has agreed to give you a grand tour of the jungle in exchange for one little favor — that your tour leads to an ancient signal tower called Firestone. When you ask why, she explains that a wooden mask was stolen from her and is being kept there. It sounds easy enough. But will this fun adventure turn into a perilous journey?

Cursebreaker keep

Scary Mansion

The House of Sorrow

Character Levels: 1-3

Sessions: 5

Description: The remains of a castle with a erie past was converted into a lavished manor for a wealthy family. After several years of peacefully living in the home, the family suddenly vanished without a trace. Grim tales of the atrocities committed at the castle have resurfaced. You’ve been invited into the investigation and your mission is clear: cleanse the house or become part of the lost spirits imprisoned within it.

Price: $2,500

Abandoned Home

The Village of Night

Character Levels: 1-3

Sessions: 4

Description: You’ve arrived at a grim village isolated in a foggy valley. Wild men and creatures of the night attacked the village. Without a wall or protection, people are dying. Will you cure the land of its nightmares or become lost the victim of them yourself?

Price: Starting at $2000

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