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Critical Role Models

A podcast to learn from the greats

A conversation between two nerdy-ass podcasters, who sit around & talk about Dungeons & Dragons, specifically how you can level up your game by learning from the greats, Critical Role. We enjoyed having these conversation so much on our own, and they felt so valuable, that we wanted to share them with the world. Enjoy!

Our Story

We fell in love playing Dungeons & Dragons. Classic story of DM falls in love with player. We watched Critical Role together and we would have these fun conversation about how we could take what we were learning from CR and apply it to our home games. Then, one day, Dev had this epiphany on her drive home: why not record these conversations so others could learn from them?

We noticed that there weren't any commentary podcasts out there that deconstructions how CR does what they do. We thought this would fill a real need in the CR online community. We hope that we can help to combat the "Matt Mercer Effect" by meeting players where they are and showing steps you can take to level up your game.


Meet Josh and Dev

Josh DMs their home game, Dev runs a game for her work. We both find ways to incorporate our love for D&D into our career and daily lives.

Shout Outs

Thank you to our talented contributors

Thank you Amy Santana for your art!

You can find Amy on Instagram @pastripink

And thank you to Sarah Melody Vinci for our music and for providing technical/emotional support for the podcast.

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