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Which Team Building Experience Will You Choose?

Welcome, Adventurer!

Our team building experiences are unlike anything your team has undergone before. We pride ourselves on creating adventures that are much more personal than your average event.


They're actually tailored to your team's needs, struggles, and areas for growth.


As the team lead, you'll define the goals you want them to work toward. Then we create and facilitate opportunities for them to achieve these goals throughout the game. 

Despite how this may sound, our adventures aren’t rigid — no railroading here! We create a safe space that encourages your team to be themselves, connect with each other, and collaborate as they explore the world. They choose which quests to take and weave their narrative together as a team.

Let’s strengthen your team through a meaningful adventure.


“I loved seeing the individual creativity of team members. If you’re interested in booking a team-building experience, I’d say do it! But do the longer experience.”

Patty S. Product Growth Manager, Facebook

Our Services

We offer two kinds of adventures: one shots and campaigns


Both will take your team on a thrilling journey in which they’ll engage in experiential and intuitive learning. However, each type of adventure has a slightly different focus.

Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 11.40.55 AM.png


A series of sessions where a team can grow in:


  • Communication

  • Task Chemistry

  • Empathy

  • Understanding of Each Other’s Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Synergy

  • Creativity

Our approach is unique, and honestly, not for everyone. To help you decide if our adventures are the best fit, we offer one shots.


One shots are single adventures designed to give your team a taste of the ‘aha’ moment — the moment your team bounces ideas off each other in new, unexpected, and creative ways.


And if our adventures are the perfect fit to grow your team, our one shots can be expanded into campaigns!

One Shots

A single adventure in which a team can: 


  • Have an ‘a-ha’ moment of synergy

  • Flex their creative muscles

  • Dabble in the unknown

  • Participate in a mission that’s bigger than themselves

  • Have fun


Know which type of adventure you want?

Let's create an epic adventure for your team!

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