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Taking high-performance corporate teams to the next level through online team building experiences.


“Our team had an extremely positive experience working with Josh and going on this adventure. I’ve learned a lot more about my team and the importance of working as a team to complete one mission.”

Jalen M. Studio Utility, EA

This isn’t your first rodeo with Dungeons and Dragons.

You love the game.


You get the hype.

And you’ve experienced the benefits, such as developing interpersonal skills and deepening your relationships.

But as a corporate team building game? Well, you’ve got reservations…

… does it actually work for corporate teams?

… is it the right experience for my team?

You’re right. 


It isn’t the best fit for everyone. And no one wants to feel like they’ve wasted their investment.

That’s why we’ve created low stakes, cost effective one shots.

It’s the best way for you to try this experience with your team.


And if you decide it isn’t the best fit, that’s ok.


You’ll walk away from a fun experience that brought your team a little closer together by:


  • Challenging them in ways that differ from their day-to-day work

  • Allowing for new opportunities for creativity

  • Giving them a safe space to authentically connect


You may even find they discovered something new about themselves because that’s the beauty of D&D.

Curious about what this could look like for your team?
Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Our one shots are designed to be accessible for players regardless of experience level so you and your team can dive right into gameplay.


You’ll be immersed in an adventure where you set aside the stressors of work to authentically engage with your team. 


By the end of your adventure, you and your team will:


  • Experience Synergy (We always strive to help every team experience at least one lightbulb moment.)

  • Express Genuine Appreciation for Each Other

  • Achieve Success as a Team

If this sounds more fun (and productive) than an afternoon of trivia…

(Or continue reading to discover about our world settings and one shot adventures!)


Explore Our Worlds and Adventures



World Themes:

  • Environmental Disaster

  • Ancient & Modern Cultures

  • Learning & Libraries

  • Family

  • Secret Organizations

Hunting Season

You'll love this setting if you love:

  • Stranger Things

  • Of Mice & Men

  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?

  • The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

  • The Lord of the Rings

The Dessarin Valley is the breadbasket of the north and feeds the great city of Waterdeep. Its rolling hills and winding valley have long been untroubled by darkness. Until now.


The country folk are suddenly threatened by strange weather. And tension is building between the ranches and caravan towns that fill the valley. Raiders, dry weather, and flooding have stretched families thin.

Are you the one to bring peace to this troubled land?

One shots in The Dessarin Valley

Wooden House

Haunting in the Hills

While visiting your Aunt Minny at her poultry farm, she tells you about a frightening encounter your little cousin Sarah had with a “ghost” near the old tomb outside of town.


Aunt Minny expresses concern about the safety of the area and has asked you to investigate. (And no one tells Aunt Minny ‘no’.)


What did your little cousin see?


Could it be more than meets the eye?

One Shot Themes: Small Town Life, Family Lineage, Ghosts, Robbery

Old Books

Mazzfroth's Mighty Digressions

While you’re doing research at the Great Library of Candlekeep, one of the books comes to life and attacks you!


After the attack, you learn from the masters of the library that this is the third time a book has attacked someone in the last month.


This is a problem, and they’re willing to reward you for solving it. Plus, how else are you going to finish your research?


How did the book arrive at the library in the first place?


Why would it do such a thing?

One Shot Themes: Magic, Detective Work, Fantastic Creatures, Negotiation

World 2: Chult

World Themes:

  • Sailing & Piracy

  • Jungle Expeditions

  • Indigenous Cultures

  • Colonization

  • Disease & Death

Jungle Mountain View

You'll love this setting if you love:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Master & Commander

  • Apocalypse Now

  • The Lost City of Z
  • Jurassic Park

Between hundreds of miles of coastline and thousands of miles of deep, unexplored jungle, your crew will never be at a loss for adventure. But tread carefully. Pirates, zombies, and dinosaurs will be the least of your worries.


In a world where the old god has abandoned his people, Chult must chart its own destiny. How will your beliefs impact your relationships with those around you? 


As a colonial government is cutting up the continent, the people have declared independence. What will you stand for in this clash of Indigenous cultures and colonization?

one shots in Chult

Buddha Statues Carved into Mountainside


A wise man told you that within an ancient shrine is a jug that produces infinite amounts of liquid you desire (whisky, honey, mayo — the sky’s the limit!).


Attaining the jug would be a revolution for your small business.


You’ve spent the last 6 days along the river, trekking deeper into the jungle. As you round a river bend, you see it — a towering shrine of a man with a crocodile on his head.


Will you find the jug to revolutionize your business?


What other secrets does the shrine hold?

One Shot Themes: The Undead, Folk Tales, Magic, Puzzles, Fables

Waterfall in nature


You’ve agreed to help a local guide recover a family artifact from an ancient signal tower.


Your payment? A free guide through the treacherous jungle to a location of your choice.


It sounded easy when you signed up. But now 100 miles into your journey up a jungle river, you’re realizing you probably should have asked more questions.


As the signal tower comes into sight rising above the treeline, you see pteranodons circling overhead.


Only one question comes to mind now…


Will you survive the daring climb ahead?

One Shot Themes: Action, Adventure, Great Heights, Dinosaurs

World 3: Barovia

World Themes:

  • Politics

  • Horror

  • War

  • Religion

  • Ancient Grudges

  • Werewolves

  • Vampires

  • Dark Fantasy


You'll love this setting if you love:

  • Game of Thrones

  • The Revenant

  • Castlevania

  • Dracula

  • Edgar Allen Poe

  • Vikings

Disclaimer — This setting is HORROR. It contains dark themes that can be unsettling to some audiences.

Inspired by the Russian and Czech wilderness of the middle ages, this kingdom lies in a high mountain region. Villages are scattered within its vast woods. But the land has gone to waste. Despair moans in these woods.


Long abandoned by their rulers, the villages are haunted by the wounds of a long-dead king. There’s no limit to the number of spirits needing to be exorcized and secrets hidden by the townsfolk.

one shots in Barovia

Clown Peeking Through Window

Masque of the Worms

Your anxious duke seeks your aid. His wife hasn’t returned from a ball at a faraway manor, and he’s afraid something has happened to her.


He promises you wealth, power, and even knightship if you bring her back to him.


Are his fears well-founded, or did she simply run away?


Can you find her and figure out what happened?


One Shot Themes: Honor, Forbidden Love, Coercion, Nobility, Neglect, Insanity

Trigger Warning: Allusion to Child Abuse, Infidelity

haunted mine.jpg

A Deep and Creeping Darkness

A mining company has hired you to investigate the safety of a platinum mine that closed 80 years ago. Their goal is to re-open the mine.


Your research has led you to some uncomfortable truths about what happened in the small mining town and the mine.


Can you get to the bottom of the town’s history?


Will you give the mine your stamp of approval so the company can re-open it?


One Shot Themes: Tragedy, Dark History, Secrets, Loss, Renewing Hope

Trigger Warning: Confined Spaces, Being Buried Alive

Not sure which is the best fit for your team?

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