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You can piece meal different team building events in hopes of getting your team to connect…


You can invest in exciting, engaging, and consistent virtual team building experiences through campaigns that’ll give your team sustained growth.


I loved seeing the individual creativity of team members. If you’re interested in booking a team-building experience, I’d say do it! (But do the longer experience.)

-Patty S. Product Growth Manager, Meta

By choosing a campaign, you’re taking your team on a unique adventure designed to help them develop better communication and empathy, which leads to task chemistry.


And as they repeatedly practice task chemistry in-game, it will spill over into the workplace.


Soon you’ll start to notice improved engagement and productivity.


But our adventures aren’t about forcing these outcomes.


They’re about having fun in a safe environment. And the desired outcomes naturally follow. 


We make that happen by:


  • Nurturing and rewarding creativity

  • Practicing acknowledgment and appreciation

  • Giving many opportunities for experiential learning

  • Teaching how to find the fun in failure and practicing how to fail forward

Sounds like the team you want to build?
Dark Ocean

Explore Our Worlds and Adventures


World Themes:

  • Rural Life

  • Environmental Disaster

  • Learning & Libraries

  • Family

  • Secret Organizations

Hunting Season

You'll love this setting if you love:

  • Stranger Things

  • Of Mice & Men

  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?

  • The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

  • The Lord of the Rings

The Dessarin Valley is the breadbasket of the north and feeds the great city of Waterdeep. Its rolling hills and winding valley have long been untroubled by darkness. Until now.


The country folk are suddenly threatened by strange weather. And tension is building between the ranches and caravan towns that fill the valley. Raiders, dry weather, and flooding have stretched families thin.

Are you the one to bring peace to this troubled land?

Campaigns in The Dessarin Valley

Cliff Views

The Sunken Citadel

A citadel, sunken in a canyon, has been lost to time. You and your brave friends venture there to find what mysteries and lost wealth it keeps in its shadowed halls. 


On the way down, you see traces of goblin handiwork.… What else is living there now?


Statues of ancient elves line the halls. What kingdom called this citadel home?

Campaign themes: Goblins, Traps, Dungeon Delving, Ancient History, Treasure Hunting, Pets, Dragons

Green Forest

The God of the Forest

You’re a team of archaeologists excavating a newly found ruin in the High Forest, several days travel from the nearest town. 


You’ve heard the rumors that the dig site is surrounded by haunted woods. 


But you haven’t paid them much thought until one of your crew goes missing.


Is this forest really haunted?


Do you abandon your site when you might be on the verge of a big discovery?

Campaign themes: Wildlife, Superstition, Murder, Ancient Relics, Forces of Nature, Ancient Cultures

World 2: Chult

World Themes:

  • Sailing & Piracy

  • Jungle Expeditions

  • Indigenous Cultures

  • Colonization

  • Disease & Death

Jungle Mountain View

You'll love this setting if you love:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Master & Commander

  • Apocalypse Now

  • The Lost City of Z
  • Jurassic Park

Between hundreds of miles of coastline and thousands of miles of deep, unexplored jungle, your crew will never be at a loss for adventure. But tread carefully. Pirates, zombies, and dinosaurs will be the least of your worries.


In a world where the old god has abandoned his people, Chult must chart its own destiny. How will your beliefs impact your relationships with those around you? 


As a colonial government is cutting up the continent, the people have declared independence. What will you stand for in this clash of Indigenous cultures and colonization?

Campaigns in Chult



You’ve been drifting in a small boat on the open ocean for days. And now you’re out of food.


Salvation arrives in the form of a fabled ghost ship that extends its gangplanks to your desperate crew.


What’s waiting for you on the decks of this silent, haunted ship?


Will you find deliverance in its halls?

Campaign Themes: The Afterlife, Spirits, Folktales, The High Seas, A Life at Sea


Treaty of the Tiger King

While at a historical conference in a large, multicultural city, you witness a foreign diplomat being attacked in the streets.


After rescuing the man, you learn he’s a tribal king here to stop a war on his lands. 


Your heart goes out to him, and your party signs on as his bodyguards.


Can you protect him from the forces against him? 


Do you have what it takes to help him forge a treaty to protect his land and his people?

Campaign Themes: Cultural Understanding, Politics, Negotiations, Advocating for Others, Being a Bodyguard

World 3: Barovia

World Themes:

  • Politics

  • Horror

  • War

  • Religion

  • Ancient Grudges

  • Werewolves

  • Vampires

  • Dark Fantasy


You'll love this setting if you love:

  • Game of Thrones

  • The Revenant

  • Castlevania

  • Dracula

  • Edgar Allen Poe

  • Vikings

Disclaimer — This setting is HORROR. It contains dark themes that can be unsettling to some audiences.

Inspired by the Russian and Czech wilderness of the middle ages, this kingdom lies in a high mountain region. Villages are scattered within its vast woods. But the land has gone to waste. Despair moans in these woods.


Long abandoned by their rulers, the villages are haunted by the wounds of a long-dead king. There’s no limit to the number of spirits needing to be exorcized and secrets hidden by the townsfolk.

Campaigns in Barovia

Scary Mansion

The House of Sorrow

A wealthy family converted the remains of a castle with an eerie past into a lavished manor.


After several peaceful years in the manor, the family suddenly vanished without a trace.


Grim tales have resurfaced of the atrocities committed in the original castle.


You’ve been invited into the investigation and your mission is clear: cleanse the house or become a part of the lost spirits imprisoned within it.


Campaign Themes: Terror, Ghosts, Haunting, Investigation, Clues, Deceit, Ancient Evil, Death

Trigger Warning: violence against children, graphic depictions of violence

Abandoned Home

The Village of Night

You are the servant of a local baron. At his behest you've rid his land of monsters and managed local problems.

As a reward he has made you earl of valley in the mountains.

You arrive at a grim village isolated in a foggy valley. Wild men and creatures of the night attack the village regularly.


Without a wall or protection, people are dying. And they’re your responsibility now.


Will you cure the land of its nightmares or become a victim of them?


Campaign Themes: Terror, Despair, Things in the Woods, Superstition

Trigger Warning: violent mobs, bigotry, graphic depictions of violence

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