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 Grow your team and bottom line with meaningful alternative team-building experiences.

Meet Josh

You want a team-building experience that develops understanding and rapport between your team members. One that leads to increased productivity, better communication, and a positive work environment. 


But when it’s go-time, your team participates just enough to go through the motions. They don’t engage deeply or meaningfully. As a result, little to no long-term change actually occurs.


I understand how frustrating and disheartening that can be. 


That’s why I’m here to change your experience one team-building session at a time.


Meet Josh


Combining my training personal development with my background in acting, I facilitate team-building experiences that cause breakthroughs in important areas of life including relationships, personal productivity, and the difference every individual makes.


But how did I get here?


I loved making up imaginary games for my brothers when we were kids, and I’ve always been drawn to storytellers and entertainers as I grew up. 


So, it’s not surprising that I fell in love with tabletop role-playing games when I was introduced to them in college. I started facilitating games soon after my introduction to them.

Completing programs through Landmark, a personal and professional training and development company, has given me the tools to build trust and create genuine connections. I share those skills to help corporate teams do the same.

Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 1.37.20 PM-1.png

When the pandemic hit, our tabletop role-playing game was the one place we could direct our energy when everything else was in a panic. Having a safe space where we could genuinely connect and be vulnerable was powerful. It led to transformative experiences.


I realized that I could bring these transformative experiences to corporate teams while completing my training with Landmark. When done right, teams walk away from the experience feeling seen, heard, and with more trust in each other.

"Josh is an exceptional DM, his commitment to the game goes beyond excellent play and rises to the level of real emotional commitment. With Josh I know that I can take risks and If I commit I’ll always be rewarded with something more than role-play: genuine connection. I don’t think there’s anything more human than being in a game with Josh."

Grover Neville, Content Creator

I offer transformative team-building experiences to businesses in three forms:

  • A Lunch n’ Play

  • A single Full Session

  • A Multi-Leg Adventure


But can I be honest? The Multi-Leg Adventure is the most valuable experience I offer and will result in the most growth for your team.


Multiple sessions makes a HUGE difference over single sessions by providing:

  • Shared memories and experiences to build rapport

  • More opportunities for openness and vulnerability in a safe space building trust 

  • Follow-up discussions after every session to give team members take-aways - What’s done at the table does not stay at the table.

  • More opportunities for self-actualization and gaining a deeper understanding of each other.

A transformative team-building experience awaits!

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