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Full Team-Building Session

3 Hours

$1000 ($250 deposit)

It’s that time again.


You’re planning the next team training and development session,

but you want something different.


You want more buy-in than the catering menu.

        That's where we come in!

Practice conflict management without predictable office scenarios. Nix the boring webinars for an engaging experience! Say bye-bye to awkward Zoom breakout rooms.

This session is perfect:

  • As a low-stakes & unique  way to build rapport between your team

  • As an exciting twist on annual trainings 

  • As a full introduction to tabletop role-playing games

In a Full Team-Building Session, your team embarks on a fully customizable 4-hour adventure. They’ll work to achieve specific goals and targets set by you and incorporated by your game master (GM).

Is your group not into a high-fantasy world?

No problem! Your GM will work with you to ensure the character and world development are the best fit for your team. Choose from one of the premade adventures or customize your adventure with the GM.

Full TBS

Campaign Journey

Three to Seven Sessions

Starting at $3000

This fully customizable journey spans multiple sessions, allowing your team to dig deeper into the world and their characters. They’ll have more opportunities to connect with each other and practice targeted goals.

This adventure is perfect:

  • If you have long-term team building goals that can benefit from multiple sessions of work

  • As a recurring event to help your team blow off steam from stressful projects

  • If your team loves tabletop gaming and you’re looking for a way to give back

As an added bonus, each team member can feel the weight of their decisions by making rolls with their own free personal set of dice sent to you (or them) prior to session 1.

Your game master (GM) works with you to ensure the world and characters are a perfect fit for your team. 

Multi Leg
Above the Clouds

Lunch n' Play

1 Hour

You want to energize your team.

You love what they're doing and want to give back!

And Role-Playing games look like a great fit!

But where will you find the time?!

This 1-hour session is just for you!

Lunch n’ Play is quick and easy, designed to be played with no strings attached.

How does it work?

Players are dropped right in the middle of the action with a fistful of dice.

Whether they’re taking a hill on a war-torn battlefield or escaping an exploding battleship, one question remains...

Will they survive?

Players are given fun, relatable pre-made characters prior to the session, so the only surprises are what awaits them in their adventure.


  • An hour of time

  • Zoom

  • 3 - 6 players

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